January 6th and 7th 2017

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2 Day Pre-Registration $25.00
Friday ONLY PASS $15.00

Saturday ONLY $20.00

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                              2018 Schedule

       Panel Topics

       2018 Schedule



How Much Science in Science Fiction – a discussion on the science content needs of a scifi novel or story – Les Johnson, Max Nelson others – Saturday  12:00 panel room 1

The Psychology of Extended Space Travel – are people able to take the mental stree of space travel – Les John, Max Nelson, Ginger – Saturday 3:00 panel room 1

The Fundamentals of Cosplay – discussion on getting started in cosplay –Ginger Oh Snap, others – Saturday 11:00 panel room 1

The Man in the High Castle book or TV – comparing the book to the tv show – John Pyka, Aubrey Stephens, others – Friday 4:00 panel room 2

Star Trek Discovery or The Orville – which is the better show or comes closer to wearing the mantle of Gene Roddenbury’s vision – everyone that want to put in comments – Saturday 2:00 panel room 1

The Basics of 3D printing – understanding how it works and doing it -  Imagination Proclamation Studios – Saturday 1:00 panel room 1

To Sail The Stars Or At Least The Planets – Nasa is sailing to the planet with a new solar sail project – Les Johnson  Saturday 7:00 panel room 1

Illustrating with black and white – the art and  advantages of not using color – Peter Meloras Saturday 5:00 panel room 1

Steampunk or Dieselpunk – is there a difference and it so what is it- Tommy Hancock, John Pyka Saturday 10:00 event room

Oh How I Miss Barsoom – The Mars of the Golden Age of Science Fiction – Saturday 6:00 panel room 2

Gaming the Great War – 2014 thru 2018 are the centennial years of Worl War I why aren’t there more games for the war? Saturday 11:00 panel 2

The Art of Cosplay – the fine touches that makes a cosplay stand out from the crowd – Ginger Oh Snap Saturday 6:00 panel room 1

Why Video Games Fail – some games gather great followings and some drop like brick and sink what makes the difference – Greg Davis, others Saturday 4:00 panel room 1

Action, Action, blah, blah, action – an intro to pulp and what makes it pulp – Tommy Hancock, Aubrey Stephens, others – Saturday 10:00 panel room 1

Science Fiction or Science Fantasy the difference or why so much soft science fiction – Les Johnson Max Nelson, Aubrey Stephens, others – Friday 5:00 panel room 2

Stactic Costuming or Motion Costuming – which way to go move or not move which impresses judges more – Ginger Oh Snap, Aubrey Stephens, others – Friday 8:00 panel room 1

What is Burlesque? – An intro for those that don’t know what burlesque is – Big Daddy Cool, the BombShell Kittens, other – Friday 7:00 panel room 1

Lord of the Rings will the new TV show work? – discussion on the possibilities or disasters of the upcoming show – Cliff Easley, others  Friday 6:00 panel 1

Wow Buck Rogers Stuff or Graphere what is it? – a new discovery that does sound like something from the original Buck Rogers novel – Les Johnson, Max Nelson, others- Friday 10:00 panel room 1

Where are the Aliens? – discussing the Fermi Paradox – Les Johnson, Max Nelson, Aubrey Stephens – Saturday 11:00 event room

Theater of the Mind – old time radio shows this year two episodes of X Minus One – our guests as radio stars – Saturday 5:00 event one

Science Current Events – a quick overview of real science that is great for science fiction writers – Les Johnson, Max Nelson – Friday 5:00 panel room 1

S.C.A. Stories – come hear Duke Sir Valens and Duke Sir Kane talk of adventures in the S.C.A. – Saturday 10:00 panel room 2

Novels to Screen the good, the bad, and the ugly – Hollywood keeps making attempts to take scifi novels to the screen a small discussion of how well they do – Tommy Hancock, Aubrey Stephens other authors – Saturday 5:00 panel room 2

War Gaming What Wasn’t alternate history gaming – Greg Davis, others – Friday 7:00 panel room 2

Trivia for the fans – trivia game with prises – Brain Trust – Friday 8:00 panel room 2

Looking Back at the Impossible – Leaping Into the Possible – many thing were called impossible in the past flying TV but are now everyday things  suppose the impossible thing of today came to be possible faster than light travel etc. -  Friday 8:00 panel room 1

Pros and Cons of Colorizing Classic Movies – colorizing does it improve or destroy them – Cinemasocast – Friday 8:00 event room

Translyvania Tazz presents Killer Clowns From Outer Space – Shadowcon’s own Horror Host shows the movies with commentary – Friday 9:00 event room

Burlesque Show – Big Daddy Cool and the Bombshell Kittens presend their fantastic performance – Friday 11:00 event room


  Contact /Registration

Cost: $25.00 for the week end until December 21, 2018 $30.00 at the door. Single Day rate $15 Friday and $20 Saturday.

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