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New Attractions



Ginger Oh Snap

little black dress 2.jpg

   Appearing at Shadowcon this year is the Nerdy Birdy Burlesque Troupe. The group is composed of performers from Nashville and Memphis plus a couple of ladies from other areas. Their themed
performances are highly suited for our con attendees. You may see a superhero, an evil queen, a mermaid there could be anything or anybody. So come to the burlesque to see what we have this year and stash a couple of bucks to bring and toss in the hat for the ladies.

It's Magic, It's Science...
Zi the Mentalist

Zi is a Magician and Scientist based in the St Louis region, who has been performing magic on stages and at events throughout the country for more than 10 years, with a passion for inspiring wonder, critical thinking, and appreciation of our knowledge of the world around us. In addition to his work as a Magician, Zi is also an accomplished Scientist with a focus in Biology. Zi uses Magic to teach about the neuroscience of perception, illustrating the ways that our senses can be tricked, and shedding light on the shortcuts and blind spots that we all share.

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