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Are Vampires Dead? (In literature) - Vampires have been a steady diet in books, movies and TV shows for over 100 years. Are they still a good choice to use or have they been worn out as worthwhile subjects?  John Hornor Jacobs and others – panel room 2 – 3pm

Media Tie-in Writing/Art - Writers often get to novelize a movie or TV show and artist are asked to do covers of book and artwork for comics. Do they find the task a pleasure, a nightmare, or what? John Hornor Jacobs, Andrew Herman          and others – panel room 1 – 4 pm.

Writing 101 part 1 – So you want to be a writer. Come sit in on a session of how to get started, what to expect, and tips from the pros. Tommy Hancock  – panel room 1 – 5 pm.

What Turns People On To Horror? – Everyone loves to be scared whether it’s reading a spooky book in the dead of night in a lonely place, watching the creature approaching in the dark theater, or visiting a haunted house. Why do we go for these things? How do the creators set us up? John Hornor Jacobs and others - panel room 2 - 7 pm.



Cosplay Do’s and Don’ts - Join  in a discussion that will include fabrics to use, how to make patterns, armor making, prop making, posing, gender bending, how to store Cosplay safely, how to navigate cons in Cosplay, undergarments, and more! There will also be a Q&A segment to make sure all of your burning Cosplay questions are answered! Ginger Oh Snap – event room – 5 pm.

Cosplay 101 - Is this your first time at a con and you’re wondering what this strange thing called Cosplay is all about? Or have you seen Cosplay for a while but aren’t sure how to get started? In this panel, discuss the history of Cosplay, where to start, tips and tricks for completing your Cosplay, and how to survive a convention in it. Plus a few dos and don’ts from an experienced cosplayer’s perspective. Ginger Oh Snap -  panel room 1- 7 pm.


Media Tie-in Writing/Art - Writers often get to write  novelizations of a movie or TV show and artists are asked to do covers of book and artwork for comics. Do they find the task a pleasure, a nightmare, or what? John Hornor Jacobs, Andrew Herman and others – panel room 1 – 4 pm.

Colorizing Old Movies Pros and Cons – More and more classics movies made in the day of black and white films being the standard are being colorized. Is this a good thing or the destruction of the artists’ intentions? John Anderson, Andrew Herman and others –event room – 3 pm.

Fan Fun

Science Current Events – What’s the current events in science? A discussion about sci-fi related real science. Max Nelson and others – panel room 1 – 3 pm.

What Authors And Books Should Newbies Read – Are you a new reader of science fiction and fantasy or an old hand looking for some suggestions for a good read? Drop by this discussion and get a few hints of join in and make suggestions to the crowd. Aubrey Stephens and others – event room – 4 pm.

Science Fiction or Science Fantasy – The line between science fiction and fantasy is hard to draw but should some of the books and movies that get labeled science fiction be called fantasy. Max Nelson and others – panel room 2 – 5 pm.

Where’s My Ray Gun/Phaser? Why don’t we have our ray guns and how close to having them are we? Come join the discussion. Aubrey Stephens and others – panel room 2 – 6 pm.

Fermi’s Paradox Where Are The Aliens? – Way back during the days of making the atomic bomb Enrico Fermi and his friends were having lunch and in their discussion he asked a question that still remains unanswered. We may not have the answer are the panel but we’ll have fun trying to come up with a good solution. Aubrey Stephens, Max Nelson and others – panel room 1 – 7 pm.

Lord Of The Rings TV Show Will It Work? – Coming this fall a new TV series will premier based from Tolkien’s books. The movies well received, how will the TV show do? Will you watch it? A discussion about it.  John Anderson, Cliff Easley and others – panel room 1 – 8 pm.



Registration, Dealer’s Room, and Gaming Room Open


Opening Ceremonies/Meet The Guests – Come meet the guests and see most of the con staff - event room - 6 pm.

Film Expo – Independent films for your viewing pleasure - event room – 7 pm to 9 pm.


Trivia With Brain Trust - A trivia challenge, come match wits with the Brain Trust’s high quality trivia – panel room 2 – 8 pm to 9:30 pm


Shadowcon’s Own horror Host Transylvania Taz Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Taz is back. Join in the fun of singing along with the cast and your fellow con members event room - 9 pm


Book Release Party For Tales Of The Interstellar Bartends Guild - Pro Se throws a party for the authors of the stories in its newest release and the members of Shadowcon. Join us for drinks, food and fellowship (no ring.) Many of the writers are from the Memphis area and several of the out of area writers will be attending. Fun for all and runs until we stop Aubrey Stephens, Tommy Hancock, Dale Kesterson and others - panel room 2 - 10 pm until we stop.


Registration, dealer room open 9 am registration closes at 7 pm


Writing 101 part 2 – Second session of our writer how to... Come sit in on a session of how to get started, what to expect, and tips from the pros. Tommy Hancock  – panel room 1 – 10 am.

How Much Science In Sci-Fi – Today there is more available information on the world of science than the general public has ever known. How does this affect science fiction does it limit the creator or is everything still in his box of tools i.e. faster than light travel, time travel?  A discussion of the limits or the non-limits – Max Nelson and others -

panel room 1 – 12 noon

Time Travel For Fun And Profit – Time Travel has been around as a standard trope in fiction for well over a century. Why do we enjoy the idea of going to the past or future? Join the discussion – John Hornor Jacobs – panel room 2 – 12 noon.


Self Publishing Pros And Cons – Long ago before the easy access to having materials printed there were Vanity publishing

companies that would print anything you wished. Have an idea of little pink puppies running on a treadmill powering the sun sure we’ll publish that book, you want to print a book that lists all number from 1 to 1,000,000,000,000 sure no problem just hand over the cash. Is self publishing still the same thing? We’ll discuss this John Horner Jocobs, Tommy Hancock, Aubrey Stephens and others – panel room 2 – 2 pm.

John Hornor Jacobs Autograph Session – panel room 2 – 4pm.

Writing 101 part 3 – Final session for learning a little about writing and publishing – Tommy Hancock  – panel room 1 – 6 pm.


Nerdlesque Basics - Join Ginger Oh Snap to learn about the history of burlesque and that sweet spot of nerdlesque, where cosplay and burlesque meet. Whether you’re looking to nail that risque’ contest routine or are hoping to perform professionally, this panel will cover tips and tricks to create the best naughty, nerdy act possible; including character creation, costuming/ways to ease in removals, and basic movements to tease an audience. – event room -11 am.

Ginger Oh Snap Autograph Session – panel room 2 – 1 pm.

Cosplay For Competition - Learn tips and tricks for creating competitive costumes, what judges might be looking for, and how to create the best possible skits. This is an open discussion with a seasoned cosplay competition judge, who is here to address any questions or concerns you may have, to make your next competition entry the best it can be! Ginger Oh Snap – panel room 1 – 2 pm.

Posing For Cosplay Photography - This panel will teach you what to expect at a cosplay photo shoot. Learn about how to properly reach out to photographers, build business relationships with them, and conduct proper model etiquette at your shoot. You will learn the safety dos and don’ts of a photo shoot, how to put your best face forward, numerous action poses that flatter all body types, and how to bring out the confidence within you to totally kill your photo shoot! Ginger Oh Snap – event room – 4 pm.

Under 16 Cosplay/Costume Contest – panel room 2 – 5 pm.

Cosplay/Costume Contest – event room – 7 pm.



Comic Books Do We Read Them or View Them – An interesting question that came up after a recent convention so we’ll discuss it. Come see what our guest think about it and join in with comments or questions – Andrew Herman, Tommy Hancock, Max Nelson – event room – 10 am.

Art For Comics – Do Comic Books have different requirements than doing a painting, doing a book cover, or other artwork? Andrew Herman - panel room 1 – 11 am.

Illustration Using Black And White – The different between doing color and black and white can you get more from one than the other? Andrew Herman - panel room 1- 5 pm.



Gaming The Great War – November. 11, 2018 was the anniversary of the end of World War I or as it was known then The Great War. Except for a few games The Great War has been ignored by game designers and gamers. Why hasn’t it seen more play? Come hear some ideas about gaming The Great War – Robert J. Schwalb and others – panel room 2 – 11 am.

The History of AD&D – AD&D began as a simple mimeographed game that grew to a gaming industry giant. Come hear a history of this growth and the many incarnations of the game. Robert J. Schwalb and others – panel room 1 – 1 pm.

Robert J. Schwalb Autograph Session – panel room 2 – 3 pm.



S.C.A. Style Fighting – Shadowcon grew out of a S.C.A. household yule party. Come see the fighting style that the household is known for and talk to some of the members and learn about the S.C.A. at the same time. House Shadow Legion and Special Guest Viscount Sir Gaylen the Smiling – event room – 12 noon to 2pm.


Amtgaurd– come see the softer side of fighting with swords, spear, and other weapon. Talk to the members and ask questions - event room – 2 pm.

Live Steel – There is also a group of fighters in the Memphis area that use real steel weapons. Due to safety concern they can’t fight in the hotel but you can see them and their equipment and talk with them about fighting with live steel weapons – event room – 3 pm.

Fan Fun

S.C.A. Stories - Shadowcon was started by a S.C.A. household come hear stories from long time members of the Society about their adventures in the S.C.A. Duke Sir Kane and others – panel room 2 – 10 am.

Star Trek Discovery or The Orville – These two TV shows started last year and both have their fans but which one is closer to the spirit of the original Star Trek. Drop in put you opinion into the discussion. Dale Kesterson, Aubrey Stephens and others – panel room 1 – 3 pm.


Where They Go Wrong movies and books – Ever see something in a movie or read it in a book that just stands out as totally wrong for many reason thing in a time they didn’t exist, guns doing things they can’t etc. Film makers may be the worse about doing this but many books have the same problem. We’ll talk about glaring mistakes and discuss it they cause an enjoyment failure for the person watching the film or reading the book Aubrey Stephens and others –

panel room 1 – 4 pm.


Theater Of The Mind – We do an old time radio show just as it was almost done in the golden days of radio. Come see a cast of amazing actors (actually we just kinda volutold our guest and a few other people to do the show.) It may be dramatic, it may be funny, or it may be a disaster but which ever it is you’ll enjoy the show. John Anderson, John Hornor Jacobs, Ginger Oh Snap, Andrew Herman, and others – event room – 5 pm.

Oh How I Miss Barsoom – Remember the joy of reading A Princess of Mars for the first time and dreaming of roaming the red deserts of Mars. Mars where it was a dying planet and strange and wondrous things and adventures awaits the person to arrive there. Do you miss that Mars, that Barsoom? We do! Would you choose the Mars we have or the dream of Barsoom? - panel 2 - 6 pm.

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