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Guests Of Honor

Writer Guest of Honor: 

D.A. Roberts

Dad 3.jpg

   D.A. Roberts is a cryptozoologist and an author of fiction, primarily in the horror/dystopian and science fiction genres. Born in Lebanon, Missouri, he now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife and sons. For most of his career, D.A. served his community in Law Enforcement.

Known for his “Ragnarok Rising Saga,” he blends the zombie genre with elements of Norse Mythology. The series has been called “a thinking man’s apocalyptic world.”

He is also known in science fiction for “The Lost Legion Series.” A second Sci-Fi series debuted in August 2022, called "Mann's Marauders."

   His most recent releases are all in the horror genre. The Apex Predator Series, the Lakeview Man Series, the Code Name: Wild Hunt Series, the Nightmare Hunter series, and the newly debuted Dark Frontiers Series. Multiple new series are currently under development.

All titles are currently available now from Dark Water Endeavors and D.A. Roberts.

   D.A. also hosts a popular podcast called D.A. Ex Machina, along with co-hosts Steve “Wildman” Monrotus, Kerry “Pocket Doc” Davis, and Robby "Rip" Raines.

Find it at:

   Join the Patreon Community and help shape the future of the D.A. Verse. Depending on the tier, you could be able to help decide future book titles, plots, and cover designs. You could even have a character named after you.

Check it out at:

Find more about his work at:

      Artist Guest of Honor:  Shawn  Howe


   Shawn Howe is a self taught,  internationally

published artist, who specializes in pop culture

art. He has brought his "stylized realism " style

to several covers of many independent published

comics.  Portraits and likenesses are the backbone

of his portfolioand he has a strong pull towards

Fantasy and Sci Fi art. 

  He started out,  heavily influenced by the major

artists of the 80s and 90s, such as McFarlane

and Silvestri. However, after a decade plus of

not drawing anything,  he found his current

style. His style borrows from the dynamic

storytelling of Marc Silvestri and Sam Keith

while adding the taste of realism,  influenced

by Frazetta, Mitch Foust and Alex Ross.

  Shawn is definitely a Memphis made talent, 

having grown up in the area and attending

University of Memphis. He currently resides,

here,  in the MidSouth. All while creating covers

for publications,  as far away as the Netherlands.

Currently,  he is a featured cover artist for 3

Heads Productions' shared conic universe. 

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