Guests Of Honor



Michael Z. Williamson

Michael Z. Williamson is a military science fiction and military fiction author best known for his libertarian-themed Freehold series published by Baen Books. Williamson has published eight Freehold novels, exploring military and political themes as well as first contact with aliens.  This was followed by the Forged in Blood (2017) and Freehold: Resistance (2019) anthologies, consisting of short stories taking place in the Freehold universe, some by Williamson and some
by other authors.

Works outside the Freehold universe includes The Hero (2004), written with John Ringo, and the time travel story A Long Time Until Now (2014). Short fiction by Williamson includes the story "Soft Casualty", an exploration of psychological warfare which won a readers choice award organized by Baen Books. Williamson's Wisdom From My Internet, a collection of witticisms and political polemic from the Internet, was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Related Work in 2015. As of 2016, Williamson's books had sold half a million copies.
Williamson was born in 1967 in Birkenhead, England. His family moved to Canada, then to Newark, Ohio, where he graduated from Newark High School in 1985. After high school, he joined the military and served in a support role in the Air Force for 5 years, then in the Air and Army National Guard, for a total of 22 years. Williamson's military career included service with the US Air Force in deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Williamson has three children and is married.

Cosplay Guest of Honor

Expedition Cosplay

expedition cosplay.webp

Justin and Megan are a couple that form the team Expedition Cosplay. They are located in the Knoxville, Tn area. They travel the country visiting many scifi, fantasy, and comic expos in their big blue van that is also a part of their Cosplay. Their excellent presentations have been seen by and enjoyed by several area conventions.


Sam Flegal

san flegel.jpg

Sam Flegal has been an illustrator since 2009, with clients that include the History Channel’s “True Monsters” and “The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” from Paramount pictures. His work has been featured on Every Day Original and he has been a guest at numerous conventions including Dragon Con.

In his personal work, Sam focuses on “Fateful Signs,” a series of fantasy drawings and paintings that delve deep into the ancient lore of the Norse, bringing to light the insights of our ancestors in a way that connects to the emotional experience of modern people, all under the guise of epic fantasy glory. If Joseph Campbell guzzled a gallon of Heavy Metal, Fateful Signs is what you’d get.

Recently Sam has had great success with "The Illustrated Hávamál," and “The Illustrated Völuspá” both of which contain over a 1000 year old Viking poetry in a hardcover cloth bound manual with over 100 pages that explore the meaning behind this ancient collection of Norse wisdom and prophecy through a series of around one hundred meditative ink drawings. Funded through Kickstarter with great success, Sam has sold over 1000 copies of each book.

Nerdy Birdy Burlesque


Ginger Oh Snap

oh those ginger eyes.jpg

Appearing at Shadowcon this year if the Nerdy Birdy Burlesque Troupe. The group is composed of performers from Nashville and Memphis plus a couple of ladies from other areas. Their themed
performances are highly suited for our con attendees. You may see a superhero, an evil queen, or even a mermaid.  There could be anything or anybody. So come to the burlesque to see what we have this year and stash a couple of bucks to bring and toss in the hat for the ladies.

Gaming Guest of Honor

Sean Taylor